Once your child has been offered a place at AHS, you will receive an Information Booklet for new families which will give you specific information regarding more detailed questions you may have as a future parent. You will also receive instructions which will enable you to login to the "PARENT LOGIN" section of our site.

In the meantime, here are some brief replies to common general queries.

Which curriculum do we follow?
  • British curriculum (see details under 'Curriculum') followed closely in core subjects i.e. English, Maths, Science. More global approach in other subjects e.g. History, Geography. More advanced curriculum in French for able pupils.

When does our academic year begin?
  • Last week of August.

From what age do we start?
  • Child must be 4 or 4+ in September to join Reception Class in following January, i.e. 4 yrs 4 mths. minimum in January.
  • First term of Reception is done at local pre-schools. Testing for Reception is done in June.

Do we teach French? Is it treated as a main subject?
  • Yes - (see under 'Curriculum') orally in Classes 1 & 2, reading, writing, grammar etc. as from Class 3. Two groups at each level - core + advanced. 3 hours per week in Classes 4 - 6. More advavced than British curriculum.

  • As per fees sheet.

Do we have any extra fees apart from the school's fees?
  • As per fees sheet.
  • Registration fee + Enrolement fee - once only.
  • Uniform is separate - from School Shop, Candos (Details available in Information Booklet for new families).
  • Afternoon activity clubs - optional extra fees.

Are the school books, exercise books included in the fees?
  • Yes, all textbooks, stationery, art materials, educational equipment and outings are included in the fees.

At what time does the school start and finish?
  • The school hours are from 8:30 until 14:00 Monday to Friday inclusive. Pupils should preferably arrive by about 8:15 to give them time to organise their books before the bell rings.
  • There is adult supervision at the gate and inside the school as from 8:00 but not before that, so you are kindly requested not to leave your children unattended before that time.
  • In the afternoon, staff are on duty from 14:00 to 14:15 to ensure that your children are collected safely and you are kindly requested to arrive promptly or to telephone the school to advise us in case of an unavoidable delay.
  • Voluntary activity clubs until 15:00/15:30.

Do we have school outings?
  • Yes, each term.

Is there any transport facility?
  • Transport organised by parents. Currently one bus available from Black River area, one bus from Beau-Bassin, Rose-Hill and Quatre-Bornes.

How many children do we have in our classes?
  • 15 (fifteen) on average.

Do the children have to bring their food to school?
  • Yes, a packed lunch.

Do we have uniforms? From where can they be bought?
  • From School Shop, Candos (See Information Booklet for new families).

Are we equipped for children with special needs?
  • Yes depending on the severity of the needs. Each case is assessed individually (See Admission Policy).

Do the children have an exam to pass before entering the secondary school?
  • For Le Bocage - automatic acceptance if they pass our internal exams and if bevaviour appropriate.
  • For Northfields - entrance exam in May.