Upon completion of the application form, an appointment for interview will be arranged. It will be helpful if parents can provide up-to-date school reports and samples of the child's work at this interview. An informal test will be given to assess the child's current level of ability in English and Mathematics and to determine in which class he requires placement. Admission is at the discretion of the school.

Normally, a place will be offered only after this interview and testing. However, in the case of families who are unable to be in Mauritius for interview, it may be possible to secure a place if the reports from the previous school give a clear indication of the work covered and the skills acquired so far.

Admission Policy
Alexandra House School welcomes pupils of all nationalities, races and creeds provided that their proficiency in the English language is sufficient to enable them to cope with our curriculum.

As far as possible, priority is given to "traditional A.H.S. families" e.g. children who already have a family member in the school, children of past pupils, returning families, or children of embassies, banks or  companies whose families have always attended and supported A.H.S., followed by other applicants. Admission is at the discretion of the school and we reserve the right to offer places to the most suitable candidates.

We are committed to keeping the size of our classes small in order to offer our pupils the highest level of personal attention possible in a school situation. Therefore, while we would wish to be able to accommodate all applicants, it is often impossible to do so since the demand frequently exceeds the number of available places. We sincerely regret any disappointment or inconvenience that may be caused by non-availability of a place, but request parents to note that we will not be swayed by any form of coercion into "just squeezing in another child".

Admission Procedures

School Visit
Prospective parents who are not familiar with the school are encouraged to visit us in advance of registering an application in order to ensure that they understand what we have to offer. Where this is not possible, our website offers a good deal of information and parents may contact the school by telephone to ask any questions they may wish to clarify. 

All parents who wish to come and visit the school are requested to make an appointment to do so. At this first meeting, a member of staff will explain our admissions procedures and provide as much information about the school as possible as well as giving parents a guided tour of the school.

Formal Application

Parents who then wish to make a formal application are requested to send in a completed application form either on paper or via our website, accompanied by the child's birth certificate and previous school reports, where appropriate, and the registration fee of Rs.1000 if the applicants are in Mauritius. (This fee may be paid when the family arrives in Mauritius for applicants from abroad).  Where the application is sent by email, it will be acknowledged by a return email within one week of reception during term time, or within one week of the commencement of the next term. If you do not receive acknowledgement from us, kindly contact us by phone or email to verify that we have indeed received it. Upon receipt of the application form, your child's name will be placed on our waiting list. 

Criteria for entry to Reception Class.
Children are eligible for entry to Reception Class when they have reached 4 years of age by 1st September of that year. (However, please note that Reception Class children only join us in the January of the following year i.e. aged 4 years 4 months minimum, and that they are expected to have completed the first term of the Reception curriculum in their pre-school, preferably in one of our feeder pre-schools.)

Prospective pupils will be called for an interview with the headmistress during which an informal test will be given to assess their level of ability in English and in mathematics and priority will be given to the more fluent English speakers and to the children of "traditional A.H.S families" as per the policy above. Normally these interviews will take place during the months of May and June of the year in which the children turn 4.  

Once the 14 places have been allocated, parents of pupils on the waiting list for that year will be advised that there are no more places available.

Criteria for entry to classes from Year 1 to Year 6
If a place is available, or likely to become available, the child will be given an appointment for interview with the headmistress.  It will be helpful if parents can provide up-to-date school reports and samples of the child's work at this interview.  An informal test will be given to assess the child's current level of ability in English and mathematics.  If necessary, prospective pupils may be invited to spend some time in school in order to assess their literacy and numeracy skills in more depth to determine in which class they require placement.


Where a place can be offered to a child, parents will be asked to sign an enrolment form and pay a non-refundable enrolment fee to secure the place. 

Children with Special Educational Needs
Parents of children with special needs or learning difficulties or disabilities are asked to carefully consider what the school has to offer their child so that the best education possible can be provided for their individual needs and ability. We will discuss each case with the parents and take into account any reports from educational psychologists/specialists and advise on what specialist help is available locally. Admission may not be possible if, in the opinion of the Headmistress and Director, the school cannot provide adequately for the particular needs of the individual.