About Us
We are a private English Primary day school in Mauritius for boys and girls between 4½ and 11 years of age. We cater for approximately 100 children and provide a British curriculum with a strong international flavour. Pupils come mainly from the expatriate, but also from the local community. They are of many different nationalities, races and creeds but share English as a common language. Staff are fully qualified, native English speakers now permanently resident in Mauritius.

Situated in Floreal, close to the central plateau, the school is set in over two acres of terraced gardens which provide an ideal playground for the children. This area has a pleasant, cooler climate and is much favoured as a residential area by the diplomatic and expatriate business community.

Alexandra House School is a member of COBIS, the Council of British International Schools, which exists to serve, support, inform and represent its member schools which are 'beacons for British International Schools of Global Quality'.
Aims and Ideals
We aim to provide a firm foundation in the fundamental skills necessary to pursue further education and to stimulate growth in all areas of the child's development. We believe that school should be a happy experience so we provide a loving, supportive environment in which the children are free to explore, to express themselves and to learn many valuable lessons in addition to the purely academic ones.
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Basic Philosophy
"The spirit of Love..."

At Alexandra House School we believe that all things are achieved through love. We know that children blossom in love ~~ they are like flowers. Criticism makes them curl up and die inside. Love makes them open up and blossom.
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The curriculum is constantly updated to keep abreast of current practice in International Schools following the British curriculum.

The British curriculum is followed closely in the core subjects (English, Mathematics, Science) while the other subjects have an international bias.

The curriculum is designed to achieve the perfect balance between an enquiry-based curriculum,which encourages enquiry, research, as well as creative and critical thinking, and a contents-based curriculum which provides a sound body of knowledge in all subject areas.

While the content of the curriculum is thorough, broad and varied, the methodologies used ensure that the children learn the skills of pertinent enquiry, critical thinking and creative thinking.
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Upon completion of the application form, an appointment for interview will be arranged. It will be helpful if parents can provide up-to-date school reports and samples of the child's work at this interview. An informal test will be given to assess the child's current level of ability in English and Mathematics and to determine in which class he requires placement. Admission is at the discretion of the school.

Normally, a place will be offered only after this interview and testing. However, in the case of families who are unable to be in Mauritius for interview, it may be possible to secure a place if the reports from the previous school give a clear indication of the work covered and the skills acquired so far.
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