Following the Independence of Mauritius in 1968 and the gradual closure of the HMS School which had catered to British Foreign Service families, Mrs Muriel Soobiah, who had taught there, was asked by several British families who remained in Mauritius to continue teaching their children.  She started out in the garage of her own home, and as more families requested places for their children, eventually was granted the lease of a colonial building on the site of the ex-HMS grounds in Granville Avenue, Vacoas.  This building was originally called "Alexander House", but since all of the staff and most of the pupils were female, it was renamed "Alexandra House" and formally established as a school in 1975.

In 1977, Mrs Martina Beejadhur joined the school as a teacher and in 1980, when the renewal of the lease on the building was refused, Mrs Soobiah decided to retire.  Along to the rescue came Mrs Rosemary Jullienne, whose daughters, Lara and Alexandra, were pupils at the school.  Mrs Jullienne and her husband rented another building, a house on the SMF grounds, in Angus Road, Vacoas, later to be renamed United Nations Road.  Mrs Jullienne took over the administration of the school and brought in Mrs Ida Coombes as Headmistress.  At that stage, the school comprised 3 classes with a total of 35 pupils.  In 1988, when Mrs Coombes left the school, Mrs Beejadhur was appointed as Headmistress, in charge of academic matters, while Mrs Jullienne continued to look after the administration.

After a long illness, Mrs Jullienne decided to retire in 1991 and sold the school to Mr. and Mrs Beejadhur, who therefore continued looking after both the academic and administrative aspects of school life.  In 1992, a request to change the lease of the building from the Jullienne family to the school name was refused, and a new building, owned by Dr P. Chui Wan Cheong and family was leased in Floréal.  The move to the new property in King George V Avenue was made in 1993, and the school continued to grow in strength.  From 60 pupils and 6 teachers in 1991, it grew to 84 pupils and 7 teachers in 1994, 96 pupils and 9 teachers in 1997, with extensions being built in 1996, 2007 and 2014.  Despite the pressure of applications, the decision was made to limit the number of students enrolled to 100 in order to maintain the "large family" atmosphere of the school, and it remains so till this day.

In January 1998, Mrs Bridget Langlois, who had joined the school in 1988 as a teacher and been promoted to Deputy Head in January 1994, accepted the appointment as Headmistress in charge of academic matters, working alongside Mrs Beejadhur in charge of administration.  

When Mrs Langlois took early retirement in 2014, Mrs Ingrid Koenig, the Deputy Head, took over as Headmistress.  In that same year, upon the death of Mr. Hiren Beejadhur, Kian Beejadhur, his son, took over his duties as director.