Basic Philosophy
Basic Philosophy
"The spirit of Love..."

At Alexandra House School we believe that all things are achieved through love. We know that children blossom in love, they are like flowers. Criticism makes them curl up and die inside. Love makes them open up and blossom.

In a school, love may be expressed in many ways:

  • High expectations are a form of love: We recognise the highest potential of each child and lead him to fulfil that potential. This is the real meaning of 'education' from 'educare' - to draw out that which is within each child.

  • Discipline is a form of love: This is achieved by setting guidelines of expected behaviour and setting clear limits. Children respond to discipline when it is meted out with love. Their innate sense of justice enables them to recognise when correction is fair and necessary, and they accept it willingly.

  • Humility is a form of love: This can be seen when adults recognise that teaching and learning are not a one-way street - we learn as much from the children as they learn from us. Humility helps us to recognise that none of us is perfect, but that together we can help one another to grow towards perfection - we are all striving to arrive.

We remember that "love is gentle, love is kind". Love does not use force. Love shows by example. Love takes you by the hand and leads the way gently.

The spark of love is within each one. We aim to kindle the spark, to help it shine more brightly, so that it may become a great light that illumines the world.